This blog is about the philosophy of the early stage, i.e., the startup — big ones, little ones, successful ones, failed ones, high tech, low tech, services, products… the distinctions are less important that the similarities.   I agree with you… the world does not need yet one more blog about startups — but I do.  I will strive not to bore, replicate, drone, meander, etc. , except when I do, because sometimes I will.

My goal is to learn as much as to share.  What does success look like?  Discussion… lot’s of discussion.


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  • Raymond Aflakian


    I had a great time meeting and talking with you yesterday at the Seattle Startup Crawl 2011. I hope to keep in touch and hear how things are going for you. Be on the lookout for us as we move forward with our first major project!


    Raymond Aflakian

    Founder and CEO
    Unconquerable Industries

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