4 Reasons the Seattle Angel Conference is a No Brainer

The Seattle Angel Conference III is coming up on May 16th.  The deadline for registering as a presenting startup is Monday, March 4th.  I’m signing up to present MoonTango and I think you should sign up too.  The reasons are simple.

1) SAC III will be making at least a $100k investment in one of the six teams that make it to the finals.  That a 17% chance of effectively “winning” a series chunk of investment capital.  This is unprecedented in Seattle.

2) The value of the help you get on your startup by going through the diligence process is worth magnitudes more than the $99 you pay to register as a presenting startup.  Don’t believe me?  Read what Corengi thought about the experience at the last SAC event even though they didn’t win the finals.

3) That $99 is effectively zero dollars, because you don’t pay anything more than a standard conference ticket to also be a presenting startup.  You just gotta let them know that you want to be considered to present.

4) Even if you don’t win (or even make the finals) where else are you going to spend an afternoon with a room full of angel investors

If I’ve persuaded you to register to present at SAC III and you win $100K (that is, you beat me) then all I ask is that you buy me lunch and tell me what you learned along the way.

Now go sign up… before the deadline and before the conference prices go up on Monday!!

Good luck!


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2 responses to “4 Reasons the Seattle Angel Conference is a No Brainer

  • Pradeep

    you convinced me Bob. Just having my company in the same category (if i make it) will get me some shine! and i owe you lunch.

    • Bob Crimmins

      Hey Pradeep, good luck to you! As I mentioned briefly to you the other day, I actually decided at the very last minute to withdraw from SAC because of an issue of confidentiality that became highly relevant to MoonTango. I have very little patience for entrepreneurs who’s pitch includes statements like, “A really awesome thing is happening but I can’t share it with you unless you sign and NDA.” If that’s truly the case then the entrepreneur should sit tight until you can talk about it. That’s what I chose to do. It was a difficult decision but one I felt I had to make. But everything about what I said about SAC is absolutely true. If it weren’t for a quite idiosyncratic (and awesome) situation that’s happening I would have been full speed ahead with SAC.

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