Fun with Celebrity Dog Poop

As my faithful readers know (both of you), I’ve been working with my 12-year-old daughters on a dog poop bag carrying product called Wise Walker.  Fantasizing about how great it would be to have a celebrity endorsement,  I Goggled “celebrity dog poop bag”.  I was surprised to find out that pics of celebrities carrying dog poop is “a thing”.  Even the Huffiington Post has a slide show.

A few of my favorite pics are below.  If you happen to know a celebrity with a dog (isn’t that pretty much all of them?) then be sure to let them know that they never have to be photographed carrying crap around ever again.



Ashton Kutcher


Charlize Theron




jessica biel ticle-0-19A47007000005DC-71_634x645

Jessica Biel


Anne Hathaway


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